Which of your fruit trees are self-fertile?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 16 September 2014 01:25 pm


Many fruit trees are self-fertile and will produce fruit whether or not there are other trees of the same type in the locality.
These include the following varieties:

Apple: Braeburn, Lord Lambourne, Orlean’s Reinette (partially self-fertile), Worcester Pearmain (partially self- fertile), Queen Cox,
Apricot: Golden Glow, Petit Muscat, Sunnycot
Cherry: Crown Morello, Summer Sun,
Crab Apple: John Downie
Damson: Merryweather
Fig: Brown Turkey, Panachee
Lemon: Eureka
Lime: Limabear
Mandarin: Clementine
Medlar: Westeveldt
Nectarine: Queen Ruby, Flatarine, Lord Napier
Orange: Valencia
Peach: Avalon Pride, Duke of York, Peche De Vigne
Pear: Conference,
Plum: Beauty, Mirabelle De Nancy, Victoria, Yellow Pershore
Quince: Vranja
Sweet Almond: Sultane
Walnut: Lara


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