What area will one bag of Rockdust will cover?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 15 September 2014 02:48 pm

A bag of Rockdust will cover an area of 40sq. m (47sq. yds.).  Rockdust is applied annually at a rate of 500g per sq. m (16oz per sq. yd).

Rockdust is freshly crushed, finely ground volcanic dust which  has been found, in trials, to produce heavier crops with better flavour, higher nutritional content, longer storage life, better pest resistance and improved drought tolerance! It’s extremely high mineral content actually improves the health of the soil, and it has also been found to speed up composting and produce better compost. Rockdust adds a large range of natural volcanic minerals and trace elements which will boost long term fertility and can be applied at any time of year.

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