How do I plant my anti-mole bulbs?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 03:18 pm

Anti-Mole Bulbs need to be planted in a specific pattern to ensure that the moles are not trapped within the area you wish to protect.  A few bulbs should be planted down each side of the lawn and then over the period of about three weeks start to plant them at different stages down the lawn driving the moles out.   It is essential that the moles are driven towards a side of the lawn which has remained unplanted so that they have an escape route.  Once the signs of tunneling are no longer evident , bulbs can be planted in the unplanted side to stop them returning. 

It can take a few weeks to clear an area and you may find that disturbance is increased as the moles try to find their way out, but these bulbs have been used for many years and have been found to be a successful organic deterrent.  

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