Why are the tips of my fruit trees dying back and an amber gum oozes from the branches?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 15 December 2014 11:05 am

Bacterial canker can attack apricot, cherry, peach and plum trees.

The trees are infected during wet, windy, weather in autumn and damp conditions in spring. The wood is normally infected in the autumn when the bacteria are washed on to the branches infecting the wood through damaged bark, pruning cuts, frost cracks and leaf scars.

New cankers form during spring and summer. Buds at the tips of infected branches may fail to open or leaves may open, wilt and die back. Sunken areas appear on the bark from which an amber gum may ooze. Brown circular spots appear on the leaves on which more bacteria develop. 

Prune out infected wood in summer treating the wounds with Arbrex Seal and Heal.


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