What is eating the leaf edges on my broad beans and peas?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 24 October 2013 02:33 pm

A common pest of peas and broad beans is the pea and been weevil. The greyish-brown adult weevils are about 3-5mm in length and often fall to the ground when disturbed. 

Small U- shaped notches are eaten out of the leaf edges of peas and broad beans during spring and summer. Larger plants can normally withstand an attack but a sever attack can kill young seedlings.

The adult weevils over winter in plant debris and thick vegetation, and move on to peas and beans in early spring. In warm weather the females lay their eggs in the soil. The larvae hatch about two weeks later and feed on root for a month before pupating in the soil. Adults emerge in June/July feeding on a range on a range of plants until they hibernate in the autumn.

To reduce the risk of attack, remove debris and coarse vegetation. Seed should be sown when conditions are ideal for rapid germination and growth.

Pea and bean weevil can be controlled by spraying with Bayer's Fruit and Vegetable Bug Killer when the leaf damage is first noticed.

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