Why are my runner beans producing a lot of leaf but very little flower?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 03:01 pm

Runner beans producing very few or no flowers may be due to the plants being grown in a shady place instead of an open, sunny position.  Although beans like a fertile soil, large amounts of nitrogen which promotes leaf and shoot growth are not required.  This can cause vigorous leaf and shoot growth at the expense of flower production.

Where poor or non-flowering is a problem, and assuming that the plants are growing in a suitable position, try an application of sulphate of potash fertilizer at the rate of 15g per 1m of row (half an ounce to a yard length of row).  Hoe the fertiliser lightly into the soil surface and if the soil is dry, water it in.  A further application of sulphate of potash can be given approximately two weeks later, if needed.  Alternatively use a high potash liquid feed.

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