How do I care for my Christmas cactus?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 04 June 2013 10:34 am
The cactus requires bright light but not in direct sun and a temperature of 15-21ºC ( 60-70ºF). During the flowering period keep the compost moist but not over wet as this can cause the plant to rot. Feed the plant every two weeks with a half strength liquid flowering house plant fertilizer.

Once the flowering period is over, rest the plant for a month and water infrequently but do not allow the leaves to shrivel. Once growth recommences in spring water and feed the plant normally. The plant can be placed outdoors in a sheltered shady position during the summer months if weather conditions permit.

In September bring the cactus back indoors and grow it on in a cool room that does not have any artificial light in the evening to initiate bud formation. Once the buds are visible the plant can be safely moved into a room that has the lights on in the evening.
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