How do you grow Amaryllis belladonna?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 29 October 2014 08:56 am

Plant the Amaryllis belladonna bulbs in pots during March, in a cool greenhouse or conservatory. Choose a pot that is approximately 5cm (2″) wider than the bulb and use a John Innis number 2 potting compost to which grit or sharp sand has been added to improve drainage. The tip of the bulb should be just above the soil surface. When planting more than one bulb in a large pot space them        6cm (2½″) apart. Reduce watering watering once the foliage starts to die back in early to mid summer. The flowers are produced from August to October before any foliage appears. Apply a liquid fertilizer at flowering time and cut back the stem when the flowers fade. Overwinter the plant at a temperature of 5-7ºC (40-45ºF) and keep them dry until growth resumes in spring. The plants flower best when pot-bound and should only be repotted as necessary when they are dormant.

Amaryllis plants are hardy to about -5°C (23°F) and in milder parts of the country can be planted in the garden. Full sun and a very well-drained soil are essential. Plant the bulbs 15-20cm (6-8″) and 30cm (12″) apart against a sheltered, sunny, south facing wall. Amaryllis may not flower in the first year as they dislike being transplanted and established bulbs should be left undisturbed for several years. The leaves appear in spring and die down in early summer. Allow the leaves to die back naturally and and remove the dead foliage when it has withered. The flowers are produced from August to October. During the winter provide a mulch to give added frost protection.

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