How do you grow Begonia Benitochiba?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 18 December 2013 12:56 pm

This colourful begonia which has attractive veined metallic rose-red foliage and pink flowers can be planted in a shady position in the garden. A moist well drained soil that does not dry out is required. They can also be planted in containers for a shady position on the patio. Begonia Benitochiba will grow to a height of  60-75cm (24-30″) with a spread of 45-60cm 

Plant out in containers or the garden in late May or early June once the danger of frost has passed. The plants have a self-branching habit and the shoot tips do not require pinching out. Keep the plants well watered and do not allow the soil to dry out, regularly feed container grown plants with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

Although this begonia is hardy to -5C (23°F) the plants should be overwintered in a cool frost free greenhouse, conservatory or indoors. During the winter keep the compost a little dryer. The plants are evergreen under frost free conditions but where low temperatures are experienced the plants will lose their foliage. In this case they can be slow to produce new growth which may not appear until June.

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