How do I grow the double flowered chamomile?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 18 December 2013 12:55 pm

Chamomile is grown for its flowers and the apple-scented foliage when it is cut or walked on. The plant will grow well in a wide range of well drained soils but does not thrive on clay soils. It is at its best on light sandy soils in an open, sunny position. Chamomile has a spreading habit, growing to a height of 15cm (6″) with a spread of 45cm (18″). Keep the plant well watered in dry spells. Trim the plant regularly to encourage compact, dense growth. The double white flowers are produced through out summer from June to September. If the flowers are not harvested regularly, remove faded flowers to promote further flowering.

Harvest the flowers on a dry day, ideally early in the morning when they are fully open. The flowers can be used fresh or dried to make chamomile tea. To dry the flowers place them in a dark place at an even temperature, an airing cupboard would be ideal. Turn the flowers regularly and drying should be completed in about four days. Once the flowers have dried they can be stored in a dark airtight jar.

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