How do I grow grafted tomatoes?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 16 April 2014 01:31 pm

Grafted tomato plants should be potted on as soon as possible after receiving them into 10cm (4") pots using a good quality moist proprietary compost setting the plants so that the top of the root ball is level with the compost surface.  Once potted give a thorough watering but thereafter take care to avoid over watering.  Grow on in a light, humid position at temperatures of approx 16-18°C  (60-65°). After a couple of weeks when the roots have filled the pots, they are ready for planting in their final positions.   

The root systems of these plants have great vigour and should be given plenty of room if the plants are to achieve their full potential.  When planting always ensure that the graft union is kept above the soil level to prevent the scion rooting into the soil and reducing the plants resistance to soil borne diseases They are best suited to greenhouse culture but will also thrive outdoors in most summers. If grown indoors a deep pot no smaller than 30cm (12") should be used or alternatively they can be planted direct into the greenhouse soil.   (Most growbags are unlikely to afford the root space needed for these plants).  If growing outside plant 60cm (2ft) apart, supporting the plants from the outset with canes tying in the main stem regularly. 

The side shoots which appear at the leaf joints should be pinched out when they are about 2.5cm (1") in length.  Under greenhouse conditions grafted tomatoes are capable of setting and maturing six to eight trusses depending on the size of the fruits.  The variety Lizzano is a bush variety and the side shoots are not removed. 

Once the fruits start to set, a quality tomato fertilizer should be applied twice a week and you might like to consider our  Tomato food which is available to order online or by telephone.

The greenhouse should be lightly shaded to avoid exposure to strong sunlight and in hot sunny weather damp down the floor to increase humidity. 

Vigorous growth can be expected from grafted tomatoes and great care should be taken to prevent the plants drying out, moderate regular watering being the best practice.

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