How do I care for my Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific'?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 08:43 am

Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' can be grown in full sun or partial shade in a moist well drained soil. This is an ideal plant for growing up a pergola or on a south facing wall. To train against a wall cut back the leading shoot to 75-90cm (30-36ins). 

During the first season tie in the lateral shoots to the frame work and cut back any sub-lateral to 2-3 buds. In the first winter after planting cut back sub-lateral shoots by one third and the leading shoot to 75-90cn (30-36ins) above the highest lateral shoot. In subsequent years repeat the pruning of the leading shoot and lateral growth until the framework is completed.

Once established, in late summer cut back all shoots not needed to extend the frame work to 4-6 leaves from the main branches. In mid winter cut back these spurs further to 2-3 buds.

Height 8m (25ft) spread 10-12m (33-39ft).

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