How do you grow cucamelons?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 07 August 2014 09:04 am

Sow the cucamelon seeds during April and May in a propagator on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at a temperature of 22-24ºC (71-75ºF). Sowing the seeds with the blunt end facing downwards will aid germination. When the seedlings are large enough to handle transfer them into 9cm (3½″) pots. 

Once the danger of frost has passed they can be planted outdoors 30-40cm (12-16″) apart providing a cane support. The plants can also be grown in the greenhouse in grow bags large pots or in the border. Water and feed regularly using a liquid tomato fertilizer. 

Once the main shoot has reach a height of 2.5m (8ft), pinch out the growing tip. The side shoots growing tips should be pinched out when they reach40cm (16″) in length.

The plants will start to fruit in July through to late September. Cucamelons are ready to pick when they are the size of olives or small grapes. Leaving them on the plant longer can result in a slightly bitter flavour and a soggy texture.

The plants are perennial and produce tubers. In late autumn lift the tubers and store them in barely moist soil in a cool, frost free shed or garage.

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