How do I care for the Persimmon tree?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 25 October 2013 08:27 am

The persimmon will grow in most well drained soils. The tree is hardy to -14°C but it must be grown in a warm, sheltered position as the young foliage is frost tender, even on a mature tree. Planting against a sunny wall will give some frost protection and aid fruit development. In colder areas they can be grown in a greenhouse or conservatory to allow the fruits to ripen. Persimmon do not like being moved and should be planted in their permanent position straightaway. The trees are slow to show signs of growth and new foliage may not appear until mid to late spring. 

The fruit should be harvested when they are still hard in late October and then stored in a cool, frost free place until very soft and fully ripe.

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