How do I care for my Gardenia house plant?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 18 December 2013 12:34 pm

During the winter grow the plant in as much light as possible, a south facing windowsill would be ideal at a temperature of 15º-18ºC (60-65ºF).  Gardenia like a moist atmosphere and should be stood in a saucer of water and kept moist, keeping the water level just below the surface of the gravel. Gardenias are acid loving plants and where possible rain water should be used in hard water areas. Water the plant sparingly during the winter months and more freely in summer. When in flower keep the compost moist, as a dry or over wet compost will result in the flowers dropping.

In summer keep the plant in bright light but not in direct sun. Water more freely and feed with an ericaceous liquid fertilizer at two week intervals from May to October. Frequently mist the plant in hot weather but not when it is in flower. Avoid greatly fluctuating temperatures, a night temperature of 15º-18ºC (60º-65ºF) and a day time temperature no higher than 21-24ºC (70-75ºF) should be maintained.

To maintain a good shape the plants they can be lightly pruned as soon as flowering has finished.

Gardenia plants grow best when they are slightly pot bound. If it is necessary to re-pot the plant this is carried out in April. Choose a pot that is a little larger and an ericaceous potting compost.

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