Plant Growing Guides
Posted by Dobies Staff on 01 April 2016 10:06 am

We're pleased to offer a selection of free, comprehensive growing guides. They tell you all you need to know about growing plants, including several useful hints and tips from our experts. Just click on the titles below to view the pdf file. 

Dobies General Plant Growing Instructions (15815kb)

Container Growing (2227kb)

Fruit Gardening (1601kb)

Growing Flowers for Cutting (1534kb)

Growing from Seed (3175kb)

Growing Fruit and Vegetables on the Patio (2008kb)

The Herb Garden (2073kb)

Vegetable Planner and Calendar (915kb)


We've also got a range of Growing Instructions for specific varieties, these are listed below. Many of our individual product pages also include a tab for growing instructions with a downloadable pdf, so do make sure to check these.

Alpine Plants Cultural Leaflet (127kb)

Apple Tree Growing Guide (92kb)

Asparagus Growing Guide (40kb)

Brassica Veg Plant Growing Guide (1584kb)

Citrus Growing Guide (80kb)

Culture of Climbing Plants (192kb)

Dobies General Plant Growing Instructions (15815kb)

Dobies Cultural Plant Leaflet(22591kb)

Easy To Grow Veg Instructions (1551kb)

Grafted Tomatoes Growing Guide (137kb)

How to Grow Grapes (100kb)

Hops Growing Guide (100kb)

Lofos Growing Guide (160kb)

Module Strawberries Growing Instructions(1569kb)

Outdoor Growing Instructions(168kb)

Patio Vegetable Plant Kits (1498kb)

Perennial and Annual Growing Guide (160kb)

Pot Ready Vegetable Plants Guide (76kb)

Senetti Growing Guide (80kb)

Stevia Growing Guide (1559kb)

Streptocarpus Growing Guide (202kb)

Sweet Potatoes Growing Guide (112kb)

Vegetable Plant collection Planner (942kb)

Vegetable Plant Growing Guide (196kb)

Union Jack Growing Guide (1661b)


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