How do you grow self-blanching celery
Posted by Dobies Staff on 18 February 2014 01:46 pm

Celery should be raised from seed sown in March and April in trays placed in a greenhouse at a temperature of about 10-15°C (50-60°F).  When large enough to handle, prick out the seedlings spacing them 5cm (2") apart in trays.  Give as much ventilation as outside weather conditions permit.  Harden off gradually and when the plants are about 15cm (6") high they are ready for transplanting to their final position.

A sunny position is required. It is usual to draw a drill about 5cm (2") deep in which to place the plants, as trenches are not needed.

The soil should be improved by incorporating plenty of organic manure or compost during the previous autumn or early spring and the surface firmed.  The seedlings should be planted 23cm (9") apart in square blocks rather than rows to aid blanching.  The idea is to get the mature plants bunched close together for blanching.  Some growers place boards alongside the blocks of plants to complete blanching, while others surround the block with straw. Never allow the beds to dry out and keep them well watered during dry periods and apply a balanced liquid feed.

The plant is not hardy and must be used before the first frosts, consequently in this country the crop is designed for use from August to October, dependent on soil fertility, variety and conditions.

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