Why are the flowers on my gladioli distorted and turning brown?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 15 August 2014 02:44 pm

Thrips is a serious pest of Gladioli and is more of a problem in hot, dry summers. Severe attacks can occur in July and August.

The brownish black insects have narrow bodies up to 2mm in length and the immature nymphs are pale yellow, both can be found on the plant at the same time. The thrips live in the flowers, buds and at the base of the leaves. These sap sucking insects feed on the leaves causing a light flecking. The flowers maybe distorted, fail to open or turn brown and die. 

Thrips can overwinter on the corms and some may survive mild winters in the soil or on plant debris.

To control thrips spray the plant with a systemic insecticide that is recommended for the control of thrips.

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