How do you care for the Saintpaulia plants?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 16 September 2014 01:56 pm

This popular house plant should be grown at temperature of 18-24ºC (64-75ºF). Grow on the plants in a light place that does not receive direct sunlight. If grown on a window sill, keep the plants away from radiators and remove them from behind the curtains at night. Saintpaulias require a moist atmosphere and should be stood in a saucer of pebbles, which is kept topped up with water, maintaining the level below the base of the pot to prevent the compost becoming too wet. Keep the compost moist and once established in the pot feed with a liquid flowering house plant fertilizer from early spring to late summer. Take care when watering to avoid the compost becoming too wet and keep the foliage dry as marking will occur. Faded flowers should be removed together with the flower stalk to prevent die back. Repot the plants annually in spring into a slightly larger pot. Over potting will delay flowering.

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