Why are there orange spots on the leaves of my fuchsia plant?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 14 November 2014 09:26 am

Rust is a very common fungal disease on fuchsias and also attacks the weed willow herb and related plants. The spores are spread in the wind to infect other leaves. It can occur on indoor plants all year round and during summer and early autumn outdoors. The older lower leaves towards the base of the plant are normally attacked first. Pale areas appear on the upper leaf surface and corresponding orange powdery pustules on the underside. The leaves wither and die reducing the plants vigour.

Allow sufficient room around the plants to ensure good air movement as moisture and high humidity favour the spread of this disease. Remove any affected leaves as soon as they are first seen and feed the plants to increase vigour. Fuchsia plants are susceptible to chemical damage and it is best to avoid spraying the plants. If it is necessary to spray with a suitable fungicide for the control of rust, treat a small number of leaves to see if any damage occurs.

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