How do you control caterpillars attacking the fruit on plum trees in spring?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 27 November 2014 01:27 pm

The plum sawfly attacks plums and damsons. The intensity of attack can vary from year to year and a severe infestation can be followed by years where little damage to the crop occurs. The female sawfly lays its eggs on the flowers during April and May. The creamy-white larvae hatch a week later and tunnel into the fruitlets. The larvae move from damaged to healthy fruits, each damaging up to four fruit in a month before they drop to the ground where they over winter in a cocoon.

On small trees remove and destroy the affected fruit before the larvae leave to over winter in the soil. Where attacks have been a problem previously spray with a suitable insecticide such as Bayer’s Sprayday Greenfly Killer about a week after petal-fall.

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