How do you grow tuberous Begonias?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 11 December 2014 01:34 pm

The Begonia Tubers should be started into growth at a temperature of 15º-18ºC (60º-65ºF) during March or April. Plant the tubers hollow side uppermost in trays of compost. Where only a small number of tubers are involved, they can be started in individual pots. Care must be taken to ensure that the crown of the tuber is not covered and water should be given sparingly until growth has commenced.

When the tubers have rooted and there are shoots about a 2.5cm (1") long, transfer them individually into 10-13cm (4"-5") pots. It is advisable to disbud until the plants are strong enough to carry the large blooms. When the plants have reached the flowering stage they will benefit from weekly applications of a Begonia Liquid Feed. Larger flowers will be produced if the small female buds which form either side of the central male flower are removed.

Plant outdoors in the border or in containers towards the end of May or early June once the danger of frost has passed. Begonias prefer a cool position and need shelter from strong winds. Water during dry periods and occasionally feed the plants.

In early October as the foliage starts to yellow, gradually withhold water and lift the plants before the first frosts. Remove the dead foliage and store the tubers in dry soil or sand in a cool, frost free place.

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