How do I look after my citrus plant?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 11 December 2014 01:03 pm

On receipt remove the plant from the packaging immediately and give the plant a drink.

These plants have already been grown on in the pot provided and can now either remain in the same pot or be planted into a larger one. 

Citrus plants grow best in a sunny greenhouse, conservatory or windowsill. They will also thrive outside in a sunny sheltered spot during hot summer weather. In a dry atmosphere leaf drop can occur so keep plants away from radiators and stand on a saucer of gravel and water.

Water thoroughly each time the surface of the compost becomes dry. In summer the watering may be daily during hot weather and reduced to fortnightly in winter, just enough to keep the roots moist. Do not allow the soil to become soggy and waterlogged as this will kill the roots.

Feeding the plant weekly during the spring and summer with a special Citrus Fertiliser will promote fruit growth.

Citrus do not like high salt levels in the compost so taking the plant outside twice a year and drenching with clean water will prevent any build up of excess fertiliser salts.

Citrus are very rewarding plants providing scented flowers in spring followed by small fruits as the flowers fade. With the correct conditions the fruit will develop over the next 6 months until they ripen. The fruits can then be picked or left on the tree for ornamental purposes.

To encourage a bushy plant and to maintain a good shape the plants can be trimmed in spring, just as the new growth starts to sprout.

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