What is a Fourberry Bush and what care does is need?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 09:31 am

Ideal for fruit or flower garden the magnificent Fourberry is special in four important ways:

  • Pretty yellow flowers in April/May
  • Delicate scent
  • Bumper crops of sweet juicy berries from July to mid August
  • Spectacular autumn foliage

The Fourberry plant is a hardy, self fertile bush growing to a height of 1.2 to 1.5m with a spread of 100cm. Plant the Fourberry in any soil that is well drained and in a position that is in full sun or partial shade. Immediately after planting prune the shoots to 2 -3 buds above the ground. This will encourage strong shoots to be produced at or just below ground level.

In early winter following the first seasons growth, prune to the ground all weak and damaged shoots. In subsequent years retain the strong new shoots that arise from the base of the bush. If new shoots are plentiful cut out about a third of the old fruited wood pruning back to a strong shoot near the base of the plant. In this way the bush will be completely replaced every three years or so. 

The berries are ready for harvesting much later than you would think. It is tempting to pick the berries when they turn black but they should only be picked once they first start to split and almost fall into your hand.

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