How do I look after my Pinkberry Pink Lemonade plant?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 09:29 am

This stunning ornamental Pinkberry Pink Lemonade plant has a bushy upright growing habit with fine pointed leaves which turn bright orange in Autumn. The pink white bell-shaped flowers in the spring give way to heavy crops of translucent white berries which turn green and then a bright pink when they mature in August and September.

Superb eaten straight from the plant or cooked in pies, puddings or jam - in fact, anything you would do with a blueberry you can do with a pinkberry!

The plants will be supplied in 1 litre pots and the height, including the pot, will be 30 to 40 cms. The plants will be at least 1 years old. The height after 7 to 10 years will be 1.5 metres.

Pinkberry plants require ericaceous compost and like a sunny position. They are suitable for beds and borders but can also be grown in containers. Simply increase the size of the container as the plant grows.

These plants are self-fertile but will do better if a second plant is nearby.

Pinkberries fruit on branches that are 2 to 3 years old and so only a small amount of fruit can be expected in the first year. As the plant grows any weak, dead or damaged wood should be removed and in the first few years the tips of the branches should be removed. To encourage new growth remove a number of older branches once they have fruited.

Full growing instructions will be despatched with the plants from October onwards.

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