How do you grow a pomegranate tree?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 09:29 am

The pomegranate tree/shrub is supplied in a 3 litre pot the plants will be 40 to 60cm (16-24″) in height when delivered. The plant will eventually grow to 240 to 270cm (8-9ft) tall.

Pomegranates can be grown outdoors in a well-drained soil and although they are drought resistant when established they will do better if the soil is kept moist in dry spells. The bush is hardy to -17°C and requires high temperatures for the fruit to ripen. Pomegranates can be grown as a bush against a warm south or southwest facing wall in a sunny, sheltered area of the garden  in southern England as the fruit will ripen outdoors in most summers. In colder areas it is best to grow them in pots in a greenhouse or conservatory. A well drained soil based potting compost would be suitable.

The plants are best grown as a multi-stemmed bush and are pruned in spring. the leading shoot should be topped at about 60cm (24″). Retain four or five evenly spaced shoots that are about 30cm (12″) above the soil level to form the framework, removing any lower shoots. In the first three seasons trim the main shoots back by a third from the previous season's growth to promote a bushy habit. Inthe following years little pruning is required. Remove any suckers that appear. Lightly feed the plant three times a year in spring after growth has started and again in mid and late summer.  The plants should start to fruit in approximately 4-5 years.

The fruit are ripe once the skin has become a yellowish brown and should be snipped from the stem with secateurs. The fruit can be stoored in a cool dry place for several months.

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