How do I care for my lawn in Autumn?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 12:20 pm

During the autumn much can be done to restore the lawn to a good condition which will improve its appearance and wearing qualities for another year. Start by treating any weeds and moss. Some of the autumn lawn fertilisers contain both weed and moss killers. Once the weeds and moss have died, rake the lawn to remove dead grass, moss and weeds. If the soil is compacted aerate the soil with a fork or an aerator. If there are bare patches that need re-seeding allow at least six weeks after the application of moss and weed killers.

Where the soil is low in organic content, such as light sandy soils or some of the heavier clay types, apply a light dressing of an organic turf dressing during the autumn. Suitable dressings for different soil types are as follows.

  Heavy soil 
(Parts by volume)
Loamy Soil
(Parts by volume) 
Sandy Soil
(Parts by volume) 
Peat/ finely sieved garden compost 1 1 2
Loam 2 4 4
Sand 4 2 1






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