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Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 12:19 pm


Little can be done at this time of year especially if the ground is frozen or waterlogged as walking on the can lawn damage the grass. During mild weather rake off any fallen leaves.


Provided soil conditions are not too wet worm casts can be brushed away. Now is the best time to prepare the ground for sowing a new lawn in spring.


Established lawns should be lightly raked to remove any dead grass or leaves. Where moss is a problem a moss killer can be applied. Mowing can commence but do not cut too short, just remove the leaf tips.


If the weather is mild and the grass is growing fertilisers and lawn weed killers can be applied. Mowing should be done on a regular basis cutting the grass to a height of 2-3.2cm (three quarters to one and a quarter inches).


Begin mowing regularly once a week. Choose a warm, dry over cast day to apply lawn weed killers to avoid to avoid harming bees and other useful garden insects.


Water thoroughly during dry periods and mow regularly reducing the height of cut to 2-2.5cm (three quarters to one inch).


Continue to mow and water the lawn as necessary


If you have been on holiday and the grass is rather long on  your return increase the height of the cut and gradually reduce the height on subsequent mowings.


Reduce the frequency of mowing and increase the cutting height. Lawn aeration and top dressings can be applied.


Mowing normally comes to an end this month. Autumn fertilisers can be applied and fallen leaves removed.


If weather conditions are still mild a final mowing may be required. Continue to remove autumn leaves.


An ideal time of year for the maintenance of tools and mower.


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