How do I sow grass seed and prepare the ground?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 24 June 2013 11:49 am
Prior to sowing it is important to remove all weeds. Perennial weeds should be treated with a weed killer containing  Glyphosate as this will kill the roots. Once any weeds have died the area can be dug, removing any roots and large stones. Rake over the area to a fine, crumbly surface and apply a general fertiliser such as Growmore. Close-tread the area to firm the soil and rake level. It is then best to wait for about 2-3 weeks to allow weeds to germinate.
Remove any weeds and rake level and sow the seed evenly at a rate of 35g per sq. metre (1oz. per sq yard) and lightly rake the area. Water the area after sowing and keep the soil moist until the grass is established. 
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