How do I plait my garlic and what are the benefits?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 24 June 2013 11:41 am
Plaiting your garlic bulbs not only makes them look very impressive but is also a great method of storage. 

The roots need to be trimmed but leave the stem and leaf. Start with the largest 2 bulbs and cross the right-hand stem over the left keeping it tight to the neck. Then bring the stem of the left bulb around the neck of the right one and continue around the back of both bulbs ending up on the right side.

Add another large bulb on the right side with the stem between the other two and then bring the left stem over the middle stem. Bring the right stem over the left stem so that it is now the middle stem.

Add another bulb on the the left side with the stem in the middle. Bring the the right stem over the two middle stems and then bring the left over so that it is now one of the middle stems.

Continue adding bulbs, gradually decreasing in size. Once you've reached the end (five to nine bulbs) plait the stems on their own for a few twists and then tie them tightly with raffia. 

Your garlic bulbs are now ready for storage and can be snipped off as required.
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