How can I prevent mildew on my gooseberries and are there any resistant varieties?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 23 January 2015 03:16 pm

American Gooseberry Mildew is a very common disease that can attack gooseberries and blackcurrants. This fungal disease produces a whitish - grey powdery growth that appears on the upper leaf surface, stems and fruit. Severely affected leaves, especially the young growth towards the tip may become distorted and die off. The shoot tips may also die back. The fungal growth on the fruit will turn pale brown in colour with age.

Avoid growing Gooseberries in damp shady positions, leaving plenty of room between plants to allow good air circulation and control weeds. Affected shoots should be pruned out as soon as the symptoms are seen. When pruning thin out the centre of the bush to allow good air circulation through the plant. Apply a balanced fertilizer in spring avoiding ones with a high nitrogen content as this would result in soft growth which can be more susceptible to attack. Spray the bush with a suitable fungicide following the manufacturer's recommendations.

Gooseberries Hinnonmaki Red, Hinnonmaki Yellow, Invicta and Pax show good mildew resistance.

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