How do I grow my late season potatoes?
Posted by Dobies Staff on 12 December 2013 03:40 pm

Our late season potatoes are certified virus-free and have been specially prepared for planting in early August.

These potatoes do not need chitting and should be planted straightaway. Having been kept in cold storage they are now raring to go!
To prevent any build-up of pests or disease it is best to plant on land where potatoes have not been grown for several years. Where space is short then a patch that has already grown a crop of early potatoes can be used but just before planting apply a dressing of general fertiliser.
Plant at a spacing of 38cm in rows 50cm apart. Place the tubers in furrows 10-12cm deep or, in individual holes of the same depth made with a trowel. Water thoroughly if conditions are dry.

Keep plants well watered in dry spells and earth up as the plants grow as this prevents tubers turning green and controls weeds.
Late planted potatoes can be very vulnerable to blight infection and so we recommend spraying with Bayer Fruit & Vegetable Disease Control - available on our website.
When the weather turns colder in October start to protect the plants with large cloches or fleece although leave the plants uncovered on milder days. Straw or extra soil placed around the plants in November will give extra protection.

Plants are ready to dig when the tops reach full size. Even when mature late cropping potatoes keep best if left well covered in the soil and should be dug, as needed, right up to Christmas and even in the New Year.

Growing in Containers
Containers should be at least 30cm wide and deep. Plant one tuber in a smaller container and up to four in a larger one. Place the tubers 10-15cm deep and keep moist but do not over-water.

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