How do I care for the Chilean Blue Crocus
Posted by Dobies Staff on 21 November 2013 03:43 pm

The Chilean blue crocus (Tecophilaea Cyanocrocus) grows up to 10cm (4") in height and flowers during February and March. The plants are half hardy and can be grown outdoors in milder parts of the country provided the soil does not get too wet in summer. Plant the corms in a sheltered position that is in full sun and a well-drained soil. The corms should be planted 6-8cm (2½-3") deep and spaced 5cm (2") apart.

In colder parts of the country grow them in pots using an equal mix of a loam based compost and sharp sand. Grow on the plants in a cold greenhouse. Reduce watering once the leaves die down in summer to about once a fortnight, to prevent them drying out completely. Re-pot the corms annually in August.

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